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I am so ready for April 17th…

I know such a random date right?  For those that don’t know I work in accounting and that is the day that the hectic 2018 tax season ends.




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Can’t believe Easter is this weekend…

I do like that it’s also on APRIL FOOL’s DAY which I can play with a bit this year. Maybe the baskets not in the usually spot…pondering. A big shout out to my oldest sister who’s birthday is also the same day…Happy Birthday Cindy!

I feel incomplete this year for I don’t have most of my decorations up or for that matter all my goodies for the kid’s Easter basket.  I need to get a move on it for sure…I did do some shopping, but find the selection of candy very slim at my local stores and as the kid gets older what’s the one big thing to go in the basket besides tons of candy?

Last night was all about the eggs…we dyed them many different colors so the inside of my fridge looks nice and colorful.  I hope they get eaten this year or made into egg salad in enough time.

Here’s what we ended up with (loving the shine):


We used the following Pinterest site:

These are by far the best eggs the kid and I have done!

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5 books…

I know everyone has resolutions and sometimes they can change from year to year or even stay the same year to year.  I have been one to do both and even though I make a list there is always that great chance that not one item is ever completed. So here we are in 2018 and I have made it my GOAL…to read 5 books before December 31, 2018.

Yes, it seems like such a low number.  In order for me to accomplish this for 2018 it seemed like a REASONABLE number to start out with. Being a mother, a wife and working full-time I am sure that something will come up that I won’t be able to read for a month here or there and those alone times are far and few.

So when to start and for that matter where to start?

RIGHT NOW (yes, I already started and in January…YEAH!!!) and then search everywhere (book clubs, Google, book sites, etc.) or visit your local library. I don’t think you really need to know what you are into at first, just go with your gut and the the first one you pick up that sounds interesting GO FOR IT!

I didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to read but I had been following Reese Witherspoon’s Instagram and saw that she had a book club…I FOUND MY 1st BOOK

1st Book

*WOW…this was a page turner that kept you coming back to see how it would end. I highly recommend this book. My word for this book…SPICY!!spicey

My book was done and I was so ready to find another. When using the local library and you put books on hold you are at the mercy of the library as to when they are ready for pick-up and when they are due back.

*NOTE – If you checked out a newer/popular book, you will not be able to re-check out for another round, for it’s on everyone else’s hold list…BIG BUMMER

I tried this with my next pick for book number two, ” A Wrinkle In Time” since it will be out soon in theaters.  I had it in my hands, in my house, carried it around and that time issue crept up on me and before I knew it, it was due back to the library.  Back on the list of what to read.

It’s funny…once you start looking for interesting books you can go from zero to at least 15-20 on your TOO READ LIST.  I use to keep the list at bay without having little pieces of paper all over with book titles on them.

Recently I had to go to the local library with the kid and I walked in saw this book out of the corner of my eye…read the summary and off to check-out (5 minutes flat).  FOUND MY 2nd BOOK

2nd Book

Just started, but I will be sure to return – 1 Down and 4 To Go

Finished book #2…I really enjoyed it and it ended up being more than I expected since it was an on the whim pick.  I do wish that the author went a few more chapters to not leave the ending in limbo.  My word for this book…SISTERS!

Since I enjoyed reading book #2 I decided to go with the author’s other book. MY 3rd BOOK…


I hope it’s as good as book #2.  I’ll let you know.

It’s 3/26/18 and I finished this book over the weekend.  I enjoyed the book even though it had a bit of going back and forth in time, but in the end all made sense.  The author does follow through though on her endings in that a few more chapters would of made it feel complete instead of using your imagination to what may have been.  My word for this book…FAMILY.

So I need to keep on reading and already have my next book. At this rate I may need to update my 2018 Reading Goal to 10+.  I received this book as an advance copy to give my opinion on it once done. So to not delay I have MY 4th BOOK…


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It’s Monday, February 19th and a bit over a year since my last post.  How terrible is that and to think an idea has been loading for that long to be able to share. Actually, it has all to do with slacking at WordPress.  To all that has happened in the past year (all good) seems so irrelevant to even go back on.  I guess moving forward is the only option and to get to know my WordPress a bit better.

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A New Year…2017

Well a new year has arrived and boy I thought I would have done a lot more blogging then I did in 2016.  I guess it was something new and fascinating at the time and then not so sure what happened.  If I had to guess I think it would have to be more one topic oriented then all over information.  That has me pondering as to what kind of one topic would I possible be able to write about each month to interest readers.  I think that is something I may need to ponder on for a few days till it hits me. Till I get hit with a thought….download

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The season is done…or is it?

For what I know the Little League season is done for us.  Am I sad?  NOPE…for it had been one (shall I say) interesting and yet rainy season. That was the nice response.  The kid wishes it went on longer and just maybe he will get his wish and be part of an All-Star team. We sit and wait to hear.  Don’t ask me what this means…for I am learning as we go, but I get the gist that my season of baseball might not be done yet!  Here’s to waiting…


The wait is over…and he has decided. The kid is retiring his orange and black and will now be wearing the blue and red colors for the 9-year-old All-Stars.  Let’s see what this new endeavor brings us for I hear it’s a bit different then the regular season…

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Yard Work…

It’s a tedious task no matter how you look at it.  It can be enjoyable one day and yet the next day its a pass.  Now I enjoy the yard work…it keeps you busy and let’s the mind wander why you check out what’s been growing.  Now this season has been quite different due to all this great rain we have been receiving…I can’t seem to keep up.  It will be confronted one step at a time.  But I came across a smile moment while checking out the front landscape…no they aren’t weeds!


Can you see it?  We have edible strawberries and WOW there were a lot in there.  Not something that you normally come across. I was late to see them so quite a few had been nibbled at by who knows.  Well it’s a time to get picking and I found more than what I thought…


I know right…that’s a lot for a first time pick.  Tasty too!  We found the nibble culprit two days later…the resident bunnies!  Guess I should leave some for their hot day snacking.